Sunday, 14 March 2010

CHLOROPHYTUM COMOSUM (aka spider plant)

Growing up surrounded by nature and green plants all around me, it is quite difficult for me to get used to the dusty, gray city, with no air to breath and suffocating heath in the summer. Need I say not, I prefer winter to summer, if summer is 40 degrees Celsius :(
So each time I talk to mom and dad back home, I am bugging them that I would love to have in the apartment some plants that we had at home (mom still has them, I learned from her to love plants :)). Dad was always the one taking care of the vegetable garden and the fruit trees and mom was busy with the flower garden and the countless plants populating the house. It is jungle (in the good sense of the word) from the inside and the outside :)
Last time my parents came to visit us in the big city apartment, dad asked me if I want him to bring me some plants also. YES! Of course!
Well, my thought was that he will bring me 1 or 2... but dad always thinks large scale :S He brought me around 10 plants :O
Yeah, I was totally shocked. Where the hell will I put all of them?
In the end I put most of them in the kitchen (now it's a bit crowded, but at least it's green :)) and the rest of them ... well, all around the room.
Most of them I knew what kind of plants they are, but there was a particular one that I had no idea what it's called.
So I started searching the net for it. It is rather hard to find a plant when you don't know it's name, but I finally found it :D

It is a Spider Plant (CHLOROPHYTUM COMOSUM)!

Ok, mine is not as big and fluffy as the ones in the picture above, but it will, now that I know how to take care of it :)

What plants do you have in the house?

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