Sunday, 6 September 2009

Origami Project

Here is a pic with the Lilly I've made yesterday. Hope U like it ;)

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Saturday, 5 September 2009


I recently rediscovered Origami. Loved it while I was younger, but I kind off forgot it along the way.
Inspiration was provided my miss Mila and her blog Loveology which I read and follow with a lot of pleasure :) I saw some very nice origami birds in some of her posts that caught my attention and I would try to do some myself. Said and done :D
Google searched "Origami bird" and found a few patterns.
The first one was a bird (that was what I was looking for in the first place of course) and the following video was rather helpfull:

Origami Flapping Bird - Funny bloopers R us

Then I thought I should move on to something else... like flowers... more specifically a Lilly :)

Origami Lilly - Click here for funny video clips

Both of my projects turned out to be succesfull (so I haven't lost my touch :D)
I also found a blog fuuuuuuul of Origami patterns.
The blog is called Origami Instructions , check it out if Ur interested in making more of these everlasting decorations. Ok, maybe not everlasting, but long lasting :) I still have a rose that I made when I was 12-13 or so :)

I was thinking of making a bouquet of paper flowers... wouldnt that be nice? and U dont even need to put water on them or change them :D aint than convenient!