Monday, 26 July 2010

The Story of Cosmetics

Many of you may or may not agree with the following video, but the baseline is true and you should consider the possibility to wisely choose your personal care products.

I, at least, am very selective with what I put into and on my body.
U can't even imagine what goes into our beauty and care products :S :(

Stay healthy!

Sunday, 25 July 2010


hey guys!

I just upgraded my oil collection. Stay tuned and you'll see what I'll do with them ;)

Have a nice Sunday!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

5 amazing stories on Yahoo Vitality

...about how people changed their carriers radically.

(click on the video to see all 5 videos, this is only the first one)


Saturday, 17 July 2010

Picture editing

Btw, I am total mess in editing pictures, so HELP anyone!?
Do you have good tutorials or guide books I could use?


I'm a girl that is satisfied and happy with a simple life...

...why is it that these days nobody believes this? Everyone thinks I'm making fun of them when I say that. I don't need much to be happy.
Everyone wants to be rich, successful, hot or famous to be happy, but that is not necessarily happiness.Ask famous or rich people! How many of them get suicidal because "their life is/was hard" or get hooked on on drogs or alcohol or sex as they cant handle their "exciting and happy rich life".
So this isn't a warranty for happiness, no matter how much you'd want to believe that.

I was born in a simple family (not poor that is true, my parents always took care that we have everything needed, but didn't pampered us from principle, not because they couldn't and they did well) and I think that this was more then enough for us to have a happy childhood, have fun, make friends and learn.
I look at kids nowadays: their vacation is fashionable only their parents take them to an exotic holiday and buy them a lot of unnecessary but "cool" stuff.
We didn't care that much about holidays and stuff (ok, maybe we did like barbie dolls, cars and cartoon hero dolls a bit), but friends and the possibility to explore the outside world was so much more fun and educational. I don't want see what kind of adults these kids will grow up to be...

Btw this post was inspire by an IKEA bedroom (it's amazing from where inspiration comes sometimes :P). More specifically, this one:

I was thinking when I saw this: "How cute and simple! This would be enough for a college or rented room. ok, maybe I would by an extra drawer, but basically this is enough for starters".
As long as you have your hope, dreams and you're not ashamed or lazy to work, the rest will come with time. Stuff come and go, so don't get attached to them. I realised that a long time ago, since I started moving a lot as I couldn't carry all my stuff around with me everywhere I went. Most of my stuff I have are still stored at home in my old room.

Oh, in case I haven't told you about this: i have stashed of articles on different themes: home, fashion, health, interesting articles, beauty, etc..
This is my "home folder" for example:

I gather all kind of pictures and articles that I love from magazines, brochures, internet, etc. This is where I found the room from IKEA that is above.
I am also a huge Ikea fan. Simple, affordable and very practical. Also, very versatile. The company and the furnishing product lines give you a huge range of ideas, support and a lot of room to juggle with them.
just look at these rooms:

from here

from here

How about you? What makes each and every one of you happy?

Sunday, 11 July 2010


I wanted to write about my lovely friend for a long time now, but I just couldn't find the inspiration to describe her and her hobby in the most wonderful way :)
Bloo is a wonderful and smart foxy lady and her hobby is nail art.
We were room-mates for a while in college and she actually picked up this hobby from our other room-mate Phoebe who had (still does I guess :P) an obsession with having a different manicure each week. Well Bloo took this to a totally new level, to an art form which she masters quite well may I say (although she sees herself as a beginner if you would ask her).
This is not an abstract form of nail art which you need special training or tools for.
Of course you need a few shades of nail polish (whatever you prefer) a dotting tool or a toothpick (yes, you read right) and a whole lot of patience, creativity and exercise :)
The limit is where your creativity ends and Bloo has an imagination that knows no limits :D

She also makes nail design tutorials for who wants to learn to make the designs. These tutorials are detailed step by step from the base coat to the top coat, check them out on her YouTube channel:

Here are a few of her designs to enchant your eyes and make you wish to try this creative hobby ;)