Saturday, 19 June 2010

Lunch Boxes


I was thinking that I should really start taking home made food to the office as well.
After gaining some unexpected weight (I really cant figure out how and why) I decided that probably my lunch food has too much calories ... if not then I really have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I don't eat junk food, anything that is processed food, too salty or sweet stuff (closer to non from the second category, better said), greasy food, fried stuff, etc. More then this and I'm going to eat only fruits, veggies and teas :D
Of course that I still have some occasional "sins" related my eating habits, but these are occasional and not from the above mentioned categories :)

sooo, getting back to the lunch boxes. Remember when we were young and small mom packed sandwiches and fruits to school? God, she screwed her brains out to make us interesting and tasty snacks to assure that we will not throw them away and we will eat it. I can only see this now, then it seemed so natural and normal.

Made a search on Google to see some ideas to lunch boxes and I found some cute and interesting ideas for boxes and recipes and I'm here to share them with you also, maybe you also have some thought of taking home made food with you ;)

THE CHILDREN’S LUNCH BOX by Linda Bugaziyanos over at
Why would children be more privileged then adults when it come to healthy, fun and tasty lunches :)

Korean Lunch Box
Looks yummy :)

Take a look at this post, how cute these boxes are?! It would be a pitty not to make food this good looking :D

Aladdin lunch boxes

Some lunch box advices

other pictures found over Google (sorry, don't know the links anymore)

And a lot more :)

Now I need to go buy a bag and some smaller plastic or glass boxes to take my food to work as well ;)
Wish me luck!

Monday, 14 June 2010