Saturday, 21 August 2010

bye-bye :( or :) ?


well, good people, it is time to say goodbye to this blog format and move on to the new one, so please go to and follow my post over there.
This blog will remain here for a while at least, but you will see no new posts here.
Hope you like the new format and hope to see you there :)
Stay real!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Coffee maker

I have a really small kitchen so I need to spare as much space as I can. So I don't have room for a coffee filter or an expresso machine, so I found this coffee making device is a shop and thought it will be just perfect.

(picture: me, experimenting still with editing)

It works on the same principles as an expresso machine. You put water in the lover side, then it has a small part that comes over the water in which you put a few spoons of coffee and over it comes the upper side of the device. Put it over the fire and when the water heats, the steam goes though the coffee and ends up in the upper side. And there you have you fresh coffee :)
I think I'll make a cold cappuccino ;)

I'm going to meeeeeelttttttttttttt!!!!!

Damn it is HOT outside! I hate summer right now :S I would love summer if it would have warm (not hot and airless) days and cool nights, but here is just over the top heat!

Now moving on to the thing I wanted to share with you today: we're moving to a new blog soon. As soon as I finish with the "designing" and arranging part :)
Hope you'll like ;)

I need to do this as I cannot keep 3 blogs (yes, that actually crossed my mind :D):
this one (personal blog), a cooking blog (not yet released publicly, but it's up and running for a while now) and a craft blog (still in project phase). So I will do 1 single blog to include it all.
I'll try to make 3 list, so you'll be able to separate the 3 main themes of the blog... or some other method, still figuring that part out ;)

Enjoy the summer (if you like this heat)! It's just too much for me though.