Friday, 5 March 2010

Changes...or not

Someone recently told me : "How much you've changed!"
Needless to say that the person in case didn't even knew me in the first place to be entitled to make such a presumption, yet my answer was shockingly quick and accurate (usually I tend to remember some time after the moment passed what i should of / could of said): "I didn't change, I just learned a lot."
I also wanted to say after that : "Maybe you should too." but I restrained myself from being nasty and sarcastic. :)

From this I remembered another line that I should of told to another person, but the perfect line came after several hours from the moment I should of told it (typically me): "I am Me. You can upgrade me, but you cannot change me." (it was a discussion about how some people tend to mold their personality to other powerful characters around them.
I am usually the one that is being mimicked, I never take over other peoples habits, lines, thoughts, etc, unless they are somewhat like my own habits, lines, thoughts, etc.
I'm proud of myself for that :)

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