Sunday, 1 November 2009

Cooking... and maybe a new blog?

Hey there,

I was thinking this morning about the blog and about not having enough time to do everything I want and need to do... but then, this is the curse of modern world. Im not such a modern girl in this way.

I would like to go to work and still have some time and energy to do stuff that have no connection with the usual job I do. Like our parents did when we were growing up. They started word at 6 or 7 and finished at 3-4 PM. From 3-4 PM you still get to do a lot of other things, the day is still young at that hour :)

But no, today we start work at 8/9/10 max and we get out in the evening, when all you get to do is go home, eat something (most of the time you don't even get to eat something all day long), shower and go to sleep so that in the morning you can start all over again. God, this is just pathetic! Really! This wasn't the life I was dreaming about when I was little :(

I'm guessing your all saying now that if I don't like it then I need to change my job... well, gladly, but I actually like the job I'm doing (most parts of it, there are always some parts you just need to do, but don't like it) and most part of the people I'm working with, but the operational part of most bigger companies is just disappointing. A lot of unnecessary tasks that do nothing to help the job, just slows it down. That part is just frustrating! mrrr...

Well and so, the only hobby of mine that actually do practice regularly is cooking. I'm not a great cook, I just like to eat and Mom made me practice a lot when I was younger, so it kind of grow on me. The saddest part is that I am cooking only because I have to because I lack time. If I want to eat something good then I need to cook it, so...
But it is a process that I love doing, whenever I have time and I'm hungry :) as I cook better when I'm hungry :)
My cooking is not based on recipes, I never get to do it exactly as in the recipe, I always "need" to modify it at least a bit :) It is also mostly based on what is in the fridge at that moment or what can I buy from the market close to me quickly.

The conclusion is that I do this a lot (a girls got to eat, doesn't she) and since everyone seems to be very please with my cooking (by bf is an absolute fan) and since I did gather a LOT of recipes along the years, I am thinking of possibly sharing some recipes with you also by making a separate blog for this.
This is still in project faze, so don't expect it tomorrow, but what do you think? Is this a good idea or the blog word is already over saturated with cooking related blogs?