Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Its hot as hell outside and I am thinking of knitted stuff, aint that ironic? :)

I stumbled into a few nice links on the net which I would like to share with you and maybe if I write them down I will actually remember them for the future :P

First is Rowan Knitting & Crochet Magazine.
I found a few very nice pics in the gallery, patterns that can be downloaded for free , a forum and knitting products. In conlusion, its worth visiting and worth remembering ;)

Then, another interesting one is Dill Buttons
Werent you fascinted when you were little by all those mayestically elaborated buttons (not those plain plastic ones they sale nowdays in shops) that your mother or grandma had on their blouses? My mother had a big box of those. They were like a treasure box for me. Well, I found two catalogs here fuuuuulll with buttons the way I like them. If you like them also, check the link out :)

Germans will always remain germans.. I hope :D
They always were fabulous designers. RICO DESIGN is a perfect example to this.
Here are some pics to convince you of that :

Untill next time guys!

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