Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Hand made stuff and the modern world

Modern world doesnt apreciate real art anymore... something beautifull that was created not necessarily for the practical side of that object, but for the beauty of it.
And Im not talking about painting or sculptures (some of those are really not understandable for some people, including myself), but for example hand made stuff.
Beeding, knitting, sawing, handcrafted stuff, goblens etc etc.
Women are not willing to learn these anymore it reminds them of the time when that was all that women did (besides making and raising kids). Im guessing that women are just sick of that image and they reject from starters anything that reminds them of the old times.
But things have changed!!!
WE dont need to do it because its mandatory and you "have to do it", but because you "can do it" and the result can be preety rewarding ;)
Imagination and patience is all you need to do it :)

I love DIY stuff! First because you can make what you want(you just have to put your mind to it) and second because what you make is more than surely unique. You're not gonna see a woman going on the street with the same pair of earings or bracelet that you made for yourself.
And third, because man are fascinated by a woman that haven't forgotten to be feminin and they can't seem to figure out how you can make from a couple of beeds and some accesories the perfect earings that matches your dress and looks beautifull on you. :)
Im not refering here to some pathetic excuses for a man, who think that women exist to serve them and to multiply their "seeds" (God! I hope they die out), Im talking here of the men that stop beeing hipocrites and admit that not only leather is atractive and that lace (for example) can be just as sexy as hell :P But as the below picture shows, the best combination is leather and lace ;)

You can find a lot of people blogging about handmade stuff, this is a link for example.

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