Saturday, 7 August 2010

I'm going to meeeeeelttttttttttttt!!!!!

Damn it is HOT outside! I hate summer right now :S I would love summer if it would have warm (not hot and airless) days and cool nights, but here is just over the top heat!

Now moving on to the thing I wanted to share with you today: we're moving to a new blog soon. As soon as I finish with the "designing" and arranging part :)
Hope you'll like ;)

I need to do this as I cannot keep 3 blogs (yes, that actually crossed my mind :D):
this one (personal blog), a cooking blog (not yet released publicly, but it's up and running for a while now) and a craft blog (still in project phase). So I will do 1 single blog to include it all.
I'll try to make 3 list, so you'll be able to separate the 3 main themes of the blog... or some other method, still figuring that part out ;)

Enjoy the summer (if you like this heat)! It's just too much for me though.

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