Sunday, 9 May 2010

Clean up


I recently read this post on Make+Meaning.
Very enlightening! How true it is!?

(please read the blog post linked before continuing, so you can understand better what follows)

Just take my case. When I was only an occasional visitor of the cyberspace I was creating, doing, making something all the time. The ideas and patterns I got from older and newer books were a treasure for me. Although I knew how to search on the internet, I didn't, I preferred to go to the library and spend hours looking at books or magazines from all over the world. And that was so inspirational for me. Just me and the books in a quiet space. All of these were weekly habits of mine.
And God a learned a lot!

Now what? I moved away and I don't even know where the library is in the new city (and I've been here for the last 3 years).
Got a job in an IT company doing admin work, 8 hours a day, after that I come home and spend the rest of the evening still behind the desk surfing the internet for blogs and interesting stuff other people do and I don't have the time any more to do.
How pathetic that is? :P

So, the first step was to reduce drastically the number of blogs I follow, because really, not all of them are as interesting as I was hoping for (no offence!).
I only kept the ones I do enjoy following and the ones where the bloggers do bother to post at least one post per month. No offence intended to anyone, this was necessary for my peace of mind.
Second, I will try to give up the games I am unnecessarily playing on Facebook. Quite fun, but useless to be frank.
Third... well, I am still thinking :) but the late spring cleaning has started and I'm not planning on stopping until I feel that the internet is not stopping me from actually living. The internet should be helping us and not stopping us, dont get caught up with it ppl!

Enjoy your life!

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