Friday, 29 January 2010

White rooms

I am not done yet with the bucket list :D before you ask :) yes, it is long as I predicted, but I still have the feeling that I am forgetting stuff that I want to do, just don't remember at the moment...

But back to the title of the post.
When I was young I really liked rooms that were painted in happy, powerful colors (meaning not white, black or grey).
I had my whole room painted in orange, just so my parents could get me to shut up about it :)
Dad always used to say: "white is the best color. It makes the room feel way bigger then it really is, it is hygienic and if it gets any other color from smoke or dust, then you can see right away when you need to redo all the painting. It is a calming and relaxing to sit in a white room."
I never agreed with him. My eyes are very sensitive to very bright colors (due to their color) and white for me was just disturbingly bright and couldn't agree with him.
Today, I am starting to see what he meant...

Look at this room. Isn't it just relaxing? I still can't stand bright light, but I am willing to make a compromise, it is just too beautiful to ignore it :)

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