Wednesday, 17 June 2009

What troubles a modern woman? "Machos"

That morons still exist !
Will all the education in the world, some man (well rather immature kids, but anyway) still believe that a woman likes to hear (yelled out in the street with at least 10-15 people around - It's no fun for them if no one hears their "masculine shout") stuff like: "OMG! what an ass! perfect for slapping!" or "I would sooo eat an ice cream, will you give me yours to lick?"(situation: me eating an ice cream).
Come on ! How pathetic is that?
NO ! A woman does not like to hear stuff like that!
It will not make you look more masculine, maybe she will just have an incontestable proof that you're absolutely retarded!
Whats worst?
When these "masculine" men get angry when you tell them to bug off, or to buy their own ice cream and leave yours alone... and then you find yourself splashed from head to toe with a bucket of water with tens of persons around that do nothing ... what to do? Just walk away, theres nothing you can do (besides ripping their head off and getting to prison because of some dumbasses) ... humiliating ...
yepp, I live in the stone age...

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